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December 07, 2020
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December 01, 2022
When In-Laws Are More Dangerous Than Chocolate Cake (w/Dr. Ron Sinha)

Ad-free Locals version! Arguing over vaccines at a holiday dinner with your relatives can raise your glucose more than dessert. We talk continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) as a personal window into diet, exercise, sleep, emotional stress, and more.

With Dr. Ronesh Sinha: https://www.culturalhealthsolutions.com/
Follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/roneshsinhamd/
Check out his Meta Health podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-meta-health-podcast/id1581144869
All our prior episodes with Dr. Sinha: https://zdoggmd.com/tag/ronesh-sinha/

00:00 Intro to lifestyle medicine
02:30 ABIM recertification, left vs. right brain medicine, Attia & Thor on National Geographic
10:03 Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) as a motivator, exploring root causes, the primary care doc crisis
19:25 Insulin resistance, matching carbs to your metabolism, vital role of protein intake & muscle mass, fasting, plant-based diets
31:53 Sleep quality, food choices, glycemic variability, ...

November 26, 2022
Morning Coffee Roundz

LIVE this AM on Facebook, here it is for Locals. We went deep on some present moment magic 🔥

Live Streamed on November 25, 2022 12:17 PM ET
November 25, 2022
Black Friday Roundz!

Post-prandial post-self Post cereal? Come hang out!

January 28, 2021
Vaccine Fears, Addressed

Here's last night's live show in podcast form!

Vaccine Fears, Addressed
January 12, 2021
Vaccine Update 1/12/21 w/Dr. Paul Offit

Today's interview with legendary vaccine researcher Paul Offit. Video version coming shortly!

Vaccine Update 1/12/21 w/Dr. Paul Offit
January 01, 2021
New Years Eve Live Show (Flu, Antivax Healthcare Peeps, And More)

Here's an audio podcast version of the last live show of 2020 🥳

New Years Eve Live Show (Flu, Antivax Healthcare Peeps, And More)
My Sorceress Story

So we recently switched audio podcast hosting to Megaphone (a Spotify company) and now they put these hilarious audio ads at the beginning, middle, and end. Overall it's a way better host than SoundCloud, so give this little player app a spin and let me know what ad it plays for you (it's different for everyone, I GOT AN AARP AD CUZ APPARENTLY I'M ELDERLY 😭) ALSO: I was able to add some intro music that used to be the intro for my old Against Medical Advice show! Lemme know what you think 🎧

ALSO: working on a ad-free feed for Locals supporters!


15 hours ago

What a beautiful morning! Perfect (except what you don't see...it smells bad. Very bad). If I was more zen maybe I could say that even the putrid smell is perfect. But I'm gagging.

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8 hours ago

Eeeeek so excited to get a little Google ping telling me @RisaD is on the move and Merch is getting closer! Not sure about Google's ideas on what would go well with it! I've already got my Santa PJs ready to team with the Z-Pupp Tees...these leather skin tight pants and gold heels though....really?

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